How to get from Belgrade to Sarajevo

July 28, 2021

If you are planning a big Balkan tour, Belgrade and Sarajevo are two cities that you must not forget to add to your wish list. That is why you may need information on how to get from Belgrade to Sarajevo or from Sarajevo to Belgrade.

Both cities offer completely different unique experiences for tourists, each in its own way. They are adorned with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Both of them are popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.




Belgrade is the second-largest city in the Balkans right after Athens. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the capital of Serbia. Also, Belgrade was the capital of the former Yugoslavia. It is a city that lives 24 hours a day and Belgrade is one of the most exciting European cities when it comes to nightlife.

There are great chances that you will start your tour of the Balkans from Belgrade because the "Nikola Tesla" airport is the busiest in the region. It takes only 30 minutes by taxi from Belgrade Airport to the center of Belgrade. So even if you just change at the Belgrade airport, consider organizing yourself so that you spend at least one day in the Serbian capital.




On the other hand, even if it is a much smaller city than Belgrade, Sarajevo is a very attractive location for tourists. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most interesting combination and a mixture of different cultures in the Balkans.

An indispensable place for tourists who want to get to know the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Nearby is the popular ski resort Jahorina, while in summer you can organize your trip from Belgrade to the Adriatic Sea by visiting Sarajevo along the way.



Transportation options

You have several options for transport between these cities. It is up to you to choose the best one in accordance with your budget and the need for comfort and speed.



Belgrade - Sarajevo by train

The train on this line was canceled in 2012. You would certainly travel a very long time by an old train and on a railway that has not been renovated for decades. On the website of the Serbian Railways, you can check if something has changed since the moment of writing this article. If not, forget the train!



Belgrade - Sarajevo by bus

Traveling by bus is the most economical option of transportation from Belgrade to Sarajevo. The price of a bus ticket, depending on the carrier, ranges from 20 to 30 euros.

The journey takes about 7-8 hours, which is quite long for a ride a little longer than 300 kilometers. The winding mountain roads and the lack of a highway are responsible for the long journey.

If you are prone to car sickness, taking a bus on this route can be extremely tiring.

There are usually more departures per day, but it is safer to book a ticket at least two days in advance.

You can schedule and buy a ticket here.






Belgrade - Sarajevo by plane

Fortunately, there is a regular JU112 flight between Sarajevo and Belgrade flying almost every day.

And if the flight lasts only 20 minutes, count about half an hour by taxi to Belgrade Airport, as well as the fact that you have to be at the airport two hours before the flight. Of course, if you are traveling alone, traveling by plane is probably the best option in this case.

You can buy a ticket directly from the Air Serbia website and thus avoid intermediary commissions. Ticket prices start from € 160.



Shared-ride with a minivan (shuttle)

According to the laws of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, shared shuttle rides are prohibited. Therefore, keep in mind that if you opt for this type of transport, you may have problems and delays at the border. But the journey is certainly more comfortable and faster than by bus and costs the same. Since it is illegal, you will hardly find any official offer on websites, but you can easily find providers of shared transportation Belgrade - Sarajevo on social networks.



Private taxi transfer

As a last option, we modestly put our offer of private transfer Belgrade - Sarajevo. It may not be the most cost-effective option if you are traveling alone, but if you are with family or friends you should definitely consider it.

A five-hour trip with a new car of your choice is certainly more comfortable than traveling by bus, and driving through beautiful landscapes and mountain roads can be more fun than a flight.

When you rent a vehicle with a driver for your trip, you book a whole car exclusively for you for a trip from your address at the desired time. And the price of transportation is always fixed for the whole car. Consider a taxi ride to Sarajevo, and if you have additional questions feel free to contact us.

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