4 ski resorts in Serbia that we recommend in 2022/2023

January 10, 2022

It is little known that Serbia has over 20 ski centers. But most of them are suitable only for the recreation of local skiers because infrastructure and the amount of snowfalls are not adequate for more serious ski tourism.

However, Serbia Transfers single out four ski resorts visited by an increasing number of foreign tourists and where you can enjoy skiing. Kopaonik is the most famous and most complete of them, but depending on various factors, some of the other three may seem to be a good choice for you.

Find out more about ski centers in Serbia and choose the most suitable for you.


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1. Kopaonik

Kopaonik is the number one as best ski center in Serbia and one of the best ski resorts in the region.

Thanks to over 50 kilometers of ski trails, even a stay of 10 or more days will not bore you. A great place to ski, whether you are just learning to ski or an experienced skier.

Kopaonik is covered with snow throughout the winter, so there is almost no chance you will not have enough snow during the season for excellent skiing.

This ski center is becoming more and more luxurious in every way, so staying in it is the most expensive of all that we will mention in this post.

You can read more about Kopaonik in our post in which we are comparing Kopaonik and Zlatibor.


2. Stara Planina (Old Mountain)

If you have already researched skiing in Serbia, you may be surprised that Zlatibor is not in second place right after Kopaonik. But don't forget, here we are not talking about the most popular tourist centers in Serbia, but about the best ski resorts.

Stara Planina (Old Mountain) is not nearly as developed as Zlatibor or Kopaonik. A possibility for more activities is missing to make the offer of this ski resort more complete. But if skiing is your primary goal, 13 kilometers of well-maintained trails are a better choice than Zlatibor. The ski resort on Stara Planina is located at a higher altitude than the ski resort Zlatibor, so you will have fewer worries about the quality of snow for skiing.

This mountain is on the very border of Serbia with Bulgaria and its highest peak Midzor is over 150 meters higher than the peak of Kopaonik. Here, in addition to great skiing, you will not miss the beautiful views and beautiful nature. But for other activities, you will have to mostly stick to your hotel or go to the nearby towns of Pirot or Knjazevac. The 4-star Hotel Stara Planina stands out from the hotel.

Perhaps for a longer ski vacation, Stara Planina is not a good choice like Kopaonik. But if, in addition to beautiful ski slopes, you are looking for peace, silence, beautiful nature, fewer crowds, great local food, and more affordable prices, then you should definitely keep Stara Planina in mind for your ski trip in Serbia.


3. Zlatibor

Zlatibor is the most visited tourist center in Serbia. Since Zlatibor is not primarily a ski center, it is well visited throughout the year by all who want to escape from the city, not just skiers. Here you can enjoy many activities and the center of the tourist place has become a real small town where you can not be bored.

7 kilometers of ski trails make this mountain popular among skiers, but not nearly as close as Kopaonik. Read our post Zlatibor vs Kopaonik if you are interested to learn more about Zlatibor.

Zlatibor is a great choice if skiing is not your main goal of staying on the mountain or if you are traveling with children or if you have plenty of energy for other activities besides skiing. The biggest problem regarding skiing on Zlatibor is that this mountain is not located at a high altitude like Stara Planina or Kopaonik, so the quantity and quality of snow during the winter are often questionable.


4. Divčibare Ski Resort

Divčibare, due to the length and quality of its main ski trail, does not deserve to be in the first 6-7 ski resorts in Serbia. The skiing experience there is far from the skiing on the previously mentioned Serbian ski centers.

But regardless of everything, there are reasons why Divčibare can be the best choice for your ski trip in Serbia.

First of all, it is its proximity to Belgrade. Divcibare is a little more than an hour and 40 minutes drive from Belgrade Airport, almost twice as short as the time to most other ski resorts in Serbia.

That is why Divcibare is an excellent choice if you do not want to ride for a long time or if you want to come to ski only for one day. The ski trail "Crni Vrh" is 1 kilometer long, and for one-day skiing, it will satisfy the average skier or snowboarder.

At the same time, if you want to make your first ski steps, you certainly don't need attractive ski slopes as better ski centers have.

Divčibare has two great 4-star hotels, so you can also enjoy spas and indoor pools when you get tired of skiing. Hotel Crni Vrh and Hotel Mountain Royal can be suitable for a multi-day vacation, so Divčibare can be a good destination even if you are not a skier. Many tourists who visit Belgrade, spontaneously decide to visit this mountain resort, take a few ski lessons there, take a couple of good photos from their first skiing, and return to the capital of Serbia.

As with Zlatibor, the problem may be that Divčibare is not at a very high altitude, so the snow often melts regardless of the winter season. But at any time, you can check the situation on the ski slope "Crni Vrh" live on camera.


Other ski resorts in Serbia

We have listed the ski resorts that we recommend to tourists in Serbia. But if for any reason you are traveling to some of the other parts of Serbia, there are other ski slopes that you can visit. We will single out Goč near Vrnjačka Banja, Mitrovac at Tara National Park, Zlatar Mountain near Nova Varoš, Golija near Ivanjica and Crni Vrh near Bor.

Wherever you decide to go skiing, Serbia Transfers is at your service for your transportation to your chosen ski center and back to Belgrade.


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