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January 30, 2024

What to see and do in Belgrade - The 10 best tourist attractions you should visit

If you are coming to Belgrade for the first time, Serbia Transfers has prepared a shortlist of things to do and see in Belgrade. With a basic description of attractions and points of interest in Belgrade, you can plan your sightseeing even if you stay in Belgrade for only two days. Unlike other similar posts in which the writers subjectively described the places of interest they like, in this article, you can read exclusively suggestions for attractions that we know have delighted tourists. We know very well what the tourists like in Belgrade. They chat about it with our chauffeurs during the transfer back to Belgrade airport. So stay with us, and check out what to visit in Belgrade.


We have linked all the places and attractions for sightseeing in Belgrade to Google Maps so that you will see the exact location on the map by clicking on them. We will not sort the sites by popularity, but we group them by proximity. This will make it easier for you to plan the itinerary of your sightseeing tours in Belgrade.


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1. The main pedestrian street in Belgrade - Knez Mihajlova (Prince Michal Street) and main city square Trg Republike (Republic Square)

Republic Square and the main pedestrian street Knez Mihajlova are the heart and soul of Belgrade. If your accommodation is in the vicinity of the center, you will not miss seeing the main Belgrade's city square (Republic Square) and the main street (Knez Mihajlova). We will also draw your attention to nearby locations and attractions that you can miss nearby.

Knez Mihajlova Street (by numbers) starts from Terazije Street and the Palace of Albania. The entire street is part of a pedestrian zone, including a few side streets. It's packed with points of interest. Nearby are the assemblies of Serbia and Belgrade, locations you also need to visit on foot while you are near the beginning of Knez Mihajlova. See Hotel Moskva, one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade.

While walking along this charming street that leads to the entrance to Kalemegdan Park, which leads to the fortress, be sure to walk the other smaller pedestrian streets such as Obilicev and Toplicin Venac, which have many restaurants and bars. At the end of the Knez Mihajlova, there is a large shopping center Rajićeva, which modern appearance is quite different from the beautiful 19th-century architecture that adorns Knez Mihajlova Street.

On the right of Knez Mihajlova, after 100 meters, you will see a wide plateau. That leads to the main Belgrade square, Republic Square. The Square is surrounded by beautiful buildings such as the National Museum and the National Theater, and there is also a monument to Prince Michael(Knez Mihajlo) riding his horse.

Places of interest for sightseeing nearby:


2. Belgrade Fortress - Kalemegdan

At the end of Knez Mihajlova Street, crossing Pariska Street, you'll enter Kalemegdan Park, which leads you to the impressive Kalemegdan Fortress, which you must see if you visit Belgrade. And make sure that, unlike most tourists, you don't just walk to the Pobednik(Winner) monument, a place with a fantastic view of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Set aside at least 1 hour to sightseeing tour to have enough time for a beautiful ambiance around the churches Ružica and St. Petka and Zidan Gate. The Military Museum is also quite impressive, which is not surprising considering the rather turbulent past of Serbia.

If you have more time, we also recommend the (Kalemegdansaka Terasa) Kalemegdan Terrace restaurant located inside of the fortress itself, so having lunch in such surroundings will be an unreal experience. By the way, the Belgrade Zoo is also part of the fortress, which makes it unique. To visit all the attractions of the Kalemegdan Fortress, including the museums located there and the zoo, it is worth using at least half a day from your stay in Belgrade.

Don't miss to visit these points of interest at Kalemegdan Fortress:


3. Belgrade's bohemian quarter - Skadarlija

Near the city center is the city's bohemian quarter, the famous Skadarlija.

This charming street full of authentic old restaurants and pubs will take you back at least a century ago. It is only 300 meters long, and you can finish your sightseeing quickly. But we advise you to have lunch or dinner in one of the oldest Belgrade restaurants located there. We recommend Tri Šešira (Three Hats) or Dva Jelena (Two Deers) restaurants.

serbian parliament


4. Assembly of Belgrade and Serbian Parliament

There are two imposing buildings about 300 meters away from Skadarlija and Republic Square. The Assembly of Serbia and the Assembly of the City of Belgrade. They are located across from each other, next to Nikola Pašić Square. Nearby is the beautiful Church of St. Marko and Tasmajdan Park and the Museum of "Nikola Tesla" a little further away if you want to continue your tour of the city away from the center of Belgrade. But if you don't have much time for sightseeing in Belgrade you can see at least the Serbian Parliament while you go from Belgrade airport to the city center. You can ask your taxi driver to go this way and stop that you can take some photos.

What to see nearby:


5. Belgrade Waterfront and the Sava Promenade

Thanks to the newly built walking bridge, you can walk from the Kalemegdan Fortress to the Sava Promenade and the Belgrade port. At the Sava River  Port is an old building that was once a warehouse of the Belgrade port and is now the location of many prestigious restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. By the same promenade by the river, you will reach Belgrade's most modern prestigious settlement, Belgrade Waterfront. If you are not a fan of walking by the river, you may be more interested in the largest shopping center in the Balkans, the Gallery Shopping Mall. Stefan Nemanjać Square on Belgrade, next to the former central railway station and the highest monument in Belgrade built in honor of the medieval Serbian ruler.

Recommended locations:


6. Splavovi (Rafts)

Splavs are one of the characteristic features of Belgrade that give it a special significance. Namely, Belgrade is known for its nightlife and a good choice for a party, and rafts are the main part of that story.

You have splavs on both the Sava and the Danube in several locations. The best choice of these floating clubs, at least when it comes to night outs, is the New Belgrade side of the Sava across the Sava port.
But not all the rafts are nightclubs and discos. A large number of rafts function as floating cafe bars and restaurants all year round. The best raft restaurants are on the Danube, near the Hotel Yugoslavia.

Locations of best splavs:


7. Zemun and Gardoš

If you have visited one of the splavs on the Danube near the Hotel Yugoslavia, we recommend walking along the promenade along the river to Zemun.

Cute fish restaurants along the Danube will remind you for a moment of taverns on the coast of Greece, while the center of Zemun and its pedestrian zone will look more like a small place in Austria or Hungary. Zemun today is just one of the 17 Belgrade municipalities, but it used to be a different city outside of Belgrade, often throughout history in a separate kingdom. That is why it is not surprising that architecture is different in relation to the center of Belgrade. The Ottoman culture had a more significant influence on Belgrade, while the Austro-Hungarian monarchy influenced Zemun.

Still, the fantastic view of the Danube, Zemun, and Belgrade is the reason why it is worth walking a few hundred meters uphill from the Zemun waterfront. One of the recognizable symbols of Zemun is the Gardoš Tower, also known as the Millennium Tower, built by the Austro-Hungarians who once ruled this part of Serbia. Around the fortress are the remains of a medieval Serbian fortress.

You can go to the sandy beach at Big War Island and swim in the Danube during the summer season. There is a pontoon bridge connecting Lido beach and Zemun.

What to see in Zemun:

Belgrade's biggest church


8. The Temple of Saint Sava

The Church of Saint Sava is one of the most beautiful buildings and one of the main symbols of Belgrade, so you should not miss the opportunity to see it. It is about 2 and a half kilometers from the city center, it can be reached via Kralja Milana Street, perhaps the most beautiful street in Belgrade and through Slavija Square, so even if you walk, you will have something to see along the way. This is the largest church in the Balkans and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. You can easily see this tourist attraction during your airport transfer in Belgrade. Even it is not on the way to your accommodation, it can't be much more expensive if our driver changes a route a little bit for you.


9. Ada Ciganlija

Ada Lake or Sava Lake (official name) is a little further from the city center, but you can get there by bus in just 20 minutes. If you visit Belgrade in the summer months, do not miss the opportunity to swim in this artificial lake created by the partitioning of the Sava River between the river bank and the island of Ada Ciganlija. Ada is one of the best-kept city artificial lakes in Europe.

With almost 7 kilometers of pebble beaches and many sports facilities, cafes, and restaurants, Belgraders rightly call Ada the Sea of Belgrade. Since filtered water from the neighboring lake from which Belgrade is supplied with drinking water is pumped into this lake, the lake is clean and suitable for swimming. On the way from the city to Ada, you will see the Ada Bridge, one of the most impressive Belgrade construction achievements in this century. It may be difficult for you to have an 8 km walk around the whole lake, but you can rent a bike, rollerblades, or go by a small tourist train which goes around the lake.

What to do at Ada:


10. Avala

Of all the places of interest in Belgrade we have described, Mount Avala is the furthest from the city center. But you can arrive by car in less than half an hour if it is not the time of traffic jams. Avala (511 meters) is not high, but it is a real green oasis with a 205-meter high tower, the top of which you can enjoy the view from the high on the surroundings of Belgrade. In addition to the Avala Tower, plan to visit the monument to the unknown hero at the very top of the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain, we recommend the restaurant Čarapićev Brest where you can enjoy traditional cuisine and the greenery that surrounds you.  You can set aside a full-day trip for this locality by adding another exciting place not far from Belgrade, such as Kosmaj Mountain, Smederevo Fortress, or a wine tour that includes Topola and Orasac in Sumadija. There is also bus transport to Avala, but it will be easiest for you to hire us or a similar company whose driver would take you there. The easiest way to visit Avala and all attractions nearby is to hire a private driver from Belgrade. Check our page about the private tour from Belgrade to Avala by car. What to see on Avala:   BOOK YOUR PRIVATE DAY TRIP TO AVALA

How to get to these sites in Belgrade? - the easiest way to get to any of these locations

Many of the locations we have listed can be visited during your taxi transfer from Belgrade's "Nikola Tesla" airport if you ask for it on your booking quote. All you need to do is contact us and tell us which place you are interested in, and we will offer a price for transportation from the airport, which includes stopping at the sites you choose.

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