How to get to Kopaonik?

November 6, 2023

Check the all transportation options you have to reach Kopaonik Ski Resort in Serbia

Kopaonik is becoming increasingly popular as an excellent and cost-effective alternative to the expensive alpine ski resorts. However, the road infrastructure and public transport in Serbia are not as well-developed as those in more popular ski centers of the European Union. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the transportation options available for getting to Kopaonik, whether from Belgrade or another airport in the region. This post will help you decide the best way to reach Kopaonik with ease.



Why we don't advise you to go to Kopaonik with your or the rented car?

Regardless of where you're coming from, most of the drive to Kopaonik is on a good highway. However, local roads that make up the rest of the route may not be in the best condition in some areas. Depending on your destination, certain parts of the road may be prone to landslides, while other sections may be congested due to heavy truck traffic.

The winding road leading to Kopaonik is snow and ice-covered during most of the winter season. If you're an experienced driver with appropriate winter equipment, this shouldn't be a problem for you. However, we don't recommend driving to Kopaonik anymore for reasons other than the road conditions. Parking in the hotel lots or the only public garage is incredibly expensive, and it's difficult to find anywhere else to park.

Given the limited parking options, it's best to choose a hotel close to the ski slopes. During your stay in this ski resort, you won't even need a car, so it doesn't make sense to pay more for car rental, gas, tolls, and parking than it would cost you to hire a fancy limo service to take you to and from the mountain.



How to get from Belgrade Airport or the city to Kopaonik?

Belgrade is the largest city in the region and it boasts the largest airport as well. Therefore, it is the most convenient option to travel to Kopaonik from either Belgrade city or the "Nikola Tesla" Airport. Additionally, it is highly recommended to spend at least a day in the European capital and explore some of the attractions and places of interest in Belgrade. Despite the fact that there are closer airports such as Niš Airport and Morava Airport in Kraljevo, choosing Belgrade as your point of departure gives you more transportation options to reach Kopaonik. Keep reading to discover how to get from Belgrade to Kopaonik.




Belgrade to Kopaonik by bus

Traveling to Kopaonik by bus is the best among the budget-friendly transportation options. The trip starts from the main bus station in Belgrade and takes approximately 5 and a half hours. Depending on the bus company, a return ticket to Kopaonik costs around €50 per person. If you are coming from the airport, you should also budget an additional €30 for the transfer from Belgrade Airport to the bus station. You can here find the schedule of buses on the Belgrade to Kopaonik route.



Belgrade to Kopaonik by train

At Koapoanik Ski Resort, there is no railway available. The closest train station is situated in Raška, which is about an hour's drive away from Kopaonik. The railways in Serbia are not well-maintained, and as a result, the journey can take anywhere between 6 to 8 hours. Although the tickets are cheap, you should also take into account the cost of a local taxi from Kopaonik or Raška, which is approximately € 50 for a one-way trip, or alternatively, you can go from Raska to Kopaonik by bus.



Door-to-door ride-sharing transport to Kopaonik

If you're planning on traveling from Belgrade to Kopaonika, shared door-to-door transportation may be a more comfortable and faster option than the bus. While it is slightly more expensive, vans are usually more comfortable and can get you directly to your hotel. However, keep in mind that Belgrade is a big city and it may take some time to pick up all passengers from their addresses. Additionally, the drop-off process can also be time-consuming.

Despite the convenience of door-to-door transport, we do not recommend this mode of transportation as it is illegal in Serbia. Only buses and trains are allowed for regular scheduled transportation. As a result, you may be excluded from traffic if caught by traffic control, which can cause further inconvenience.


Geting to Kopaonik by taxi

At any airport or in the city you are traveling from, you can find a taxi on the spot that will take you to the ski resort. But keep in mind that not all taxi drivers are equipped with the winter equipment necessary for driving on mountain roads in snowy conditions. Taxi from Belgrade or other towns or airports is also the most expensive transportation option, considering that the prices per taximeter are adjusted for short trips, so for such a long trip, the price is really too high. At the same time, the quality of the taxi service is usually not at a high level. Therefore, it is best to consider the option from the following section.



Belgrade to Kopaonik by a private transfer

Traveling to this ski resort is most comfortable by booking a private transfer from Belgrade to Kopaonik by car. If you have already reserved accommodation in a luxury hotel in Kopaonik, it makes sense to arrange for transportation at the same 5-star level. Even if you opt for a luxury limousine or minivan, the cost is still more favorable than ordinary taxi transportation. There are several advantages, including waiting for you at the airport, wifi in the vehicle, breaks at your convenience, a professional English-speaking driver, and a new, clean, and comfortable vehicle. The only disadvantage is that you need to book in advance, and this service is significantly more expensive than traveling by bus or train.





Other Kopaonik nearest airports - how to get to Kopaonik from Niš, Kraljevo, or Skopje?

Kopaonik has two nearby airports, Morava Kraljevo Airport (112km) and Niš Airport (125km). However, these are small airports, so finding a direct flight to them may be difficult. Some travelers choose to fly to Skopje or Pristina airports as an alternative to Belgrade airport. However, there are fewer transfer options available than in Belgrade. Nonetheless, private transfers are available through Serbia Transfers, even from these places.







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