Things to do in Zlatibor

April 17, 2024

Zlatibor - the main points of interest you should visit

After Belgrade, Zlatibor is the most popular tourist destination in Serbia. This tourist center is located on the mountain of the same name, which is located in Western Serbia. You can easily get to Zlatibor from Belgrade by car.

This post is the ultimate guide for anyone thinking of visiting Zlatibor. We will help you decide, depending on what kind of places you like, whether it is worth visiting Zlatibor. And if you decide to visit this mountain resort, this post will certainly help you plan your trip to Zlatibor and find out what to see and do in Zlatibor.

Read this post, and find more helpful tourist information about this mountain.

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How to get from Belgrade to Zlatibor?

Of course, if you are planning to come to Serbia, don't forget to book your transfer from the airport to Belgrade first and avoid any possible inconveniences with local taxi drivers.

Zlatibor is 225 kilometers from Belgrade, of which 155 kilometers is an excellent highway, and the other 80 kilometers is a regional road loaded with freight traffic. If you are traveling by car, make sure that there is only one gas station on the highway, and that is at the very end.

You can travel from Belgrade to Zlatibor by rented car (about 3 hours), by bus (about 4 and a half hours), or by train (about 5 hours). But by far the most comfortable way to travel to Zlatibor is to simply rent a vehicle with a driver in Belgrade. If you want to visit Zlatibor for just one day, a private day trip is also a possible option. Below are links to all transport options from Belgrade to Zlatibor:


Why should you visit Zlatibor?

You may have heard from someone that Zlatibor is like a small town on a mountain and that it is not worth visiting. You will only hear that from someone who went there without a good travel plan and the correct information about what to visit in Zlatibor.


When is Zlatibor an excellent choice for visiting:

  • If you want the opportunity to visit many natural and cultural attractions in west Serbia.
  • Wish to enjoy many activities.
  • Do not want to give up the comfort, amenities, and infrastructure of a real small town.

If you just want to walk around the tourist center, it's better to stay in Belgrade or to choose a closer place for sightseeing. For example, you can go on a day trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad

Western Serbia, where the Zlatibor mountain is located, is probably the most beautiful part of Serbia, but it is not so close to Belgrade. Therefore, if you are already coming here, make sure to make a good travel plan. Visit at least some of the attractions and exciting places at Zlatibor that we will recommend.


The main attractions in Zlatibor

We present to you all the interesting places on Zlatibor that you can reach on foot or by cable car (Gold Gondola) from the tourist center:



Zlatibor tourist center


Tourist center - Main square, a small lake, and a pedestrian zone

The main square and the pedestrian street leading to the market are considered the center of Zlatibor. There is also a small lake, and a park is on the other side. The pedestrian zone has many souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants. The center of Zlatibor is inevitable for even a short walk if you are already visiting any part of this mountain.

Not far away is an open market where local vendors sell authentic souvenirs, food, and other products that this part of Serbia is known for. At night, the center of Zlatibor can be quite lively, as many cafes have live music and become nightclubs. Various concerts and events are interesting to tourists are often organized on the main square.

The Center of Zlatibor is great for children too. Near the center, you can find Dino Park and Adventure Park. Also, ski schools, horse riding, and rent a quad and snowmobiles you'll find easily close to the center of Zlatibor.



ferris wheel zlatibor


Ferris wheel

Next to the center of Zlatibor is the Panoramic Wheel, built in 2022. If you don't have time to ride the Gold Gondola, enjoy the view from the Ferris Wheel of the mountain expanses and the center of Zlatibor.


Gold Gondola - the 9 km long cable car ride

With its 9 kilometers in length, the Gold Gondola is one of the longest cable cars for panoramic sightseeing in the world. Also, it's the biggest attraction of Zlatibor. The ride starts near Adventure Park right behind the market and ends at the Tornik summit. The way station where you can exit and re-enter is Ribničko Lake. The ticket you buy is for a round trip, i.e., you only pay at the starting station. The ticket price for adults is 1200 rsd (about 10 euros) and for children 650 rsd. Tornik Summit and Ribničko Lake are certainly attractions that are worth visiting. The 25-minute-long cable car ride alone gives you a great view of Zlatibor.
Ribnicko Lake - Zlatibor


Ribničko Lake

With an area of ​​about 11 hectares, Ribničko Lake is the lake in Zlatibor. The lake was created artificially in 1972 as part of the hydropower project on the Crveni Rzav River. The lake's depth ranges from 4 to 15 meters, and the water is extremely clear and clean. This lake is a favorite place on Zlatibor for sport fishing, where trout, chub, and carp are most often caught. It is about 6 kilometers from the center of Zlatibor, so getting here by Gold Gondola is better unless you like long hikes.

View from Tornik Summit - Zlatibor Mountain


Tornik peak

Tornik is the highest peak of Zlatibor. It is located at an altitude of 1,496 meters above sea level. Apart from the Gold Gondola, there are also ski lifts leading to it during the ski season, which depart from the Tornik ski center.
When it comes to skiing, Tornik is the starting point for skiing on several ski slopes with a total length of about 9 kilometers. Because of Tornik, Zlatibor is one of the three most popular ski centers in Serbia.
But even outside the ski season, Tornik Summit is where you can enjoy a walk and the view from several well-maintained viewpoints. And several cafes fit perfectly into the mountain environment. But even in summer, bring warmer clothes just in case.
Zlatibor hiking - Cigota summit


Čigota peak

Suppose you like hiking through nature and want to try more accessible mountaineering. In that case, the climb to Vrh Cuker - Cigota (1422m) is significantly easier and shorter than the climb to Tornik, which is slightly higher. From the top, there is a panoramic view in all directions because no trees block the view. If you decide to go on this hike, count on about 5 kilometers of walking in one direction.

Zlatibor Monument


Zlatibor Monument

The Zlatibor Monument, also known as the "Eternal Flame," is a memorial monument built to commemorate the fallen soldiers and civilians from Zlatibor who lost their lives during World War II. It is connected with the center of Zlatibor by 2 kilometers long asphalted trail. You can there enjoy the view of Cigota and other peaks around. Like at Tornik, there is also a wooden bar where you can find refreshments after a long walk.


Attractions near Zlatibor (up to 30 kilometers away)

Gostilje Waterfall, Etno Selo Sirogojno, and Stopica Pecina are attractions near Zlatibor and not far from each other. They are not close enough to walk from the center of Zlatibor, so a private tour by car is the best option.


Gostilje Waterfalls

This beautiful waterfall consists of several cascades and is about 20 meters high. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and forest. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Zlatibor for a reason. Gostilje waterfall is a favorite picnic spot for locals and tourists who enjoy its beauty and surroundings. Entrance is charged, but the price is symbolic. The ticket price is 200 rsd for adults and 100 rsd for children.


Stopica Cave - Zlatibor


Stopića Cave

Stopića cave is a real pearl of nature near Zlatibor. It was opened to visitors in 2009, and since then, it has attracted numerous tourists who enjoy its impressive cave formations.

The cave extends to 1,691 meters, and the Trnava Stream flows through it, making it a river cave. There are five speleological units in the cave, of which the Light Hall, the Dark Hall, and the Hall with bathtubs are arranged for tourist tours. The rest of the cave is still not open to the public, and only Czech speleologists managed to pass through the entire cave system on two occasions.

The approach to the cave and the plateau in front of the entrance were decorated in 2009. The complex was reconstructed in 2018, which added even more comfort and convenience to visitors who can enjoy the beauty of this natural attraction.

Sirogojno Open Air Museum - Zlatibor


Open-air museum Old Village Sirogojno

Ethno Village Sirogojno is an open-air museum near Gostilje Waterfall and Stopić Cave. You should also not miss it on your sightseeing tour of Zlatibor. Here you can experience the spirit of some ancient times and see how the people of the Zlatibor region used to live in perfect harmony with the generous nature that surrounded them.
Western Serbia


Other attractions that you can visit on a day trip from Zaltibor

Compared to other interesting places in western Serbia, Zlatibor is the most suitable for a multi-day vacation. And Zlatibor's location is a perfect starting point for day trips to other famous attractions. We already wrote about these points of interest in the post where you can read what to visit in Western Serbia.

Some of the most popular excursions you can go on from Zlatibor are:


Your stay in Zlatibor can be a great experience if you plan your trip well. We hope that we have helped you by suggesting attractions in and near Zlatibor that you could visit. For a day trip or transfer from Belgrade to any of the mentioned points of interest near Zlatibor, you can rent a vehicle with a driver and enjoy your trip with Serbia Transfers.

If you wish for a comfortable trip with a chauffeur-driven car, all you need to do is contact us and tell us which place you are interested in. We will offer a price for transportation which includes stopping at the sites you choose, waiting, and driving back to Belgrade.


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