Places to visit in Western Serbia

December 1, 2023

What to see and do in Western Serbia

Western Serbia is probably the most beautiful part of Serbia. Especially for nature lovers. This post will reveal the attractions and points of interest we recommend you visit. Forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, authentic Serbian villages... all these are landscapes that are easily accessible if you travel from Belgrade.

Most of the attractions of Western Serbia that we will mention are about a three-hour drive from Belgrade.

Whether you are traveling with a rented car or planning to hire a limo service from Belgrade for your transportation, this post will help you plan your private tour of Western Serbia.

 Continue reading, and find out what to see and do in Western Serbia.


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Divčibare - The mountain in western Serbia that is closest to Belgrade

Divčibare is actually a small tourist place on the plateau of the same name, which is located on the Maljen mountain. It’s near the town of Valjevo.  The choice of activities and accommodation is much less than, for example, on Zlatibor, and it is not particularly popular among foreign tourists. However, if you want to escape from Belgrade to enjoy the natural mountain environment and you don't want to travel far away from Belgrade, Divčibare is a great destination.

In winter, it is a good choice if you want to learn to ski. If you want peace and quiet, Divčibare offers a wide range of private accommodations, such as mountain cottages and log cabins with a yard. And if you are a conformist, there are also two luxury hotels - Hotel Crni Vrh and Royal Mountain Hotel Divčibare.   Given that it is less than two hours from Belgrade to Divcibare by car, this is the closest mountain landscape in Western Serbia. And from Divcibare, you can easily jump to the nearby Valjevo, which we will describe in the next section.


Divčibare - points of interest:

    • The Crni Vrh (Black Peak) ski slope - the ski lift also works outside the ski season, so you can go to Crni Vrh (Black Peak) summit itself, from where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view.
    • Viewpoint Ljuti Krš, requires a 30-minute hike through the forest
    • Viewpoint Paljba - next to the road
    • Numerous easy hiking, MTB, and quad trails
    • Hidden mountain streams and waterfalls if you are a more experienced hiker




Valjevo - a charming town surrounded by nature, only an hour away from Belgrade

You will not find Valjevo in the most common tourist brochures that promote Serbia. That's why this post can be useful to you because it contains useful suggestions and information that are not a copy of other posts on the topic of tourism in Western Serbia. Valjevo is not as beautiful town as Novi Sad on example, but it is less European and more authentically old Serbian kind of town. It is decorated with the spirit of past centuries and history, but it is also blessed with the beautiful nature that surrounds it. There are also very old monasteries in the area that you can visit. You can get from Belgrade to Valjevo by car in less than an hour and a half by car. Valjevo is close to Divčibar, and it is on the way from Belgrade to Tara and Mokra Gora, which we will also briefly describe in this post.

Valjevo - what to see and do:

  • Valjevo city center - pedestrian zone
  • Tešnjar - the old part of the city
  • Gradac river canyon
  • Čelije Monastery by the river Gradac
  • Viewpoint Lazareva Stena (Lazar’s Rock) above Lake Rovni
  • Restaurant and viewpoint Markova Stolica
  • Restaurant Lovački Dom (Hunter’s Home)


Zlatibor - The most popular mountain resort in Western Serbia

You've probably already heard of Zlatibor Mountain, but if you're planning a trip to this resort, be sure to read about the main attractions so you don't miss one. Zlatibor also has a ski center Tornik nearby. But it is not so popular for skiing as the most popular ski resort in Serbia - Kopaonik.

But there is much more to do and see when it is not ski season. Of course, the consequence of that popularity is that Zlatibor is usually much more crowded than Divčibare or Tara Mountain.

But regardless of the crowd, if you want peace, quiet, and nature, it is definitely within your reach, not far from the center of this mountain resort, which resembles a really small town.

Because of its location and a large selection of hotels and private accommodations, Zlatibor is a perfect base where you can stay and from where you can visit the other places in Western Serbia mentioned in this post. You can read more about Zlatibor in our post named what to see and do at Zlatibor.


Zlatibor - Main attractions:

  • The center of the tourist place (pedestrian zone, main square with a , small lake, open market with domestic product, ferris wheel)
  • Gold Gondola - 4 kilometers long cable car for sightseeing that connects the center of Zlatibor with Ribničko Lake and the highest peak of the mountain - Tornik
  • Ski Center Tornik
  • Ski schools in the center of Zlatibor
  • Rent a quad and snowmobile
  • Off-road tours
  • Riding a horse
  • El Paso City, Dino Park, Adventure Park - ideal places for children
  • Numerous trails for hiking and cycling through nature
  • Viewpoint Monument
  • Gostilje Waterfall, Stopića Pećina, Open Air Museum (wooden village) Sirogojno - about 30 kilometers from the center of Zlatibor
  • Trcinoga Beach, a small river beach if you looking for refreshments on hot summer days




Uvac lake canyon - Cruising and the famous viewpoint

The view from the viewpoint of the winding canyon and Lake Uvac is one of the most famous picture from the postcards of Serbia. This Western Serbia attraction is the furthest from Belgrade of all the ones we recommend you here. But if you are located in Zlatibor, Uvac is only an hour's drive away.

There are organized tours with 4x4 vehicles to the famous viewpoint. But the best way for sightseeing of the canyon is one of the most interesting boat tours in Serbia. But, in that case, you need a solid physical form in order to overcome the short but steep climb that leads from the boat dock to the viewpoint.

On the way from Belgrade or from Zlatibor, if you turn a little off the road to Uvac, you can visit Lake Tavničko, and Radojinjsko Lake, and along the road, there is Lake Kokon Brod.


Uvac Canyon - what to do:

  • A 4-hour boat ride that includes a visit to a cave and a lookout point.


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Tara National Park - An unmissable destination for all nature lovers in Serbia

The Tara National Park is perhaps the region of Serbia with the most natural beauty. Its competition is Djerdap National Park and Stara Planina, but these places are in eastern Serbia. Like Divčibare that we mentioned first, Mount Tara and its surroundings are more for tourists who want peace, quiet, and nature. But unlike Divcibare, Tara has many more different natural beauties to offer. Due to the natural expanses and abundance, it is no wonder that Tara is the largest bear habitat in Serbia. But don't be afraid, encounters with people are very rare because the bears here are very timid and hide from any noise that tourists unintentionally make. On the way from Belgrade and Valjevo to Tara and Mokra Gora, there are also famous attractions you should visit such as the viewpoint Kapija Podrinja (Gate of Podrinje) and Drina River House.


Tara National Park - Main Attractions:

  • Viewpoint Banjska Stena
  • Lake Zaovine and Spajići
  • Viewpoints Osluša and Zelenika
  • Cruising on Lake Perćac and Drina River Canyon to Višegrad in Bosnia
  • Restaurant Vrelo above the waterfall that flows into the river Drina
  • Numerous trails for hiking, mountain biking, MTB, and quad biking that you can rent.
  • Rača Monastery
  • Numerous wooden cabins you can rent for a feeling of perfect peace and relaxation in nature




Mokra Gora and Šarganska Eight Railroad - Round trip sightseeing by tourist train

Between Zlatibor and Tara is the mountain village of Mokra Gora, known for the Šargan 8 railway. The round-trip on this tourist train is unique in the Balkans.

A day trip from Belgrade to Mokra Gora is one of the most popular private tours in Serbia.

The sightseeing train ride also goes through part of the Tara National Park. The view from the wooden wagons of beautiful mountain and forest landscapes leaves no one indifferent.

Even if the ride lasts 2 hours, you won't get tired of it because the train has several breaks at viewpoints and interesting places where you will enjoy it. Also, in the immediate vicinity, there are several places where you can visit.


Mokra Gora - attractions:

  • Scenic train ride on the Šarganska Osmica railway
  • Ethno village Drvengrad, Mećavnik
  • Church of St. John the Baptist and a walk along the well-maintained path next to the stream




Ovcar Banja


Ovčar-Kablar Gorge

Ovčar - Kablar gorge is part of Western Serbia on the road from Belgrade to Zlatibor and Uvac, not far from the town of Čačak. You shouldn't come just to see this place, but it's worth a visit on your way from or to Belgrade. The gorge is formed by the winding meanders of the West Morava River and Međuvršje Lake, which pass between the Kablar and Ovčar mountains. This area is also known as Ovčar Banja. Also, on the way from Ovčar Banja to Zlatibor, there are some other attractions worth visiting. These are the Old Town Fortress in Uzice, and Potpeće Cave, also near Uzice.


Ovčar Spa - what to see:

  • Spectacular view of the meanders of Western Morava from the top of Mount Kablar. You can reach almost the very top by car, only the last kilometer needs to be walked up a slight hill.
  • Lake Međuvrsje - a great place for a coffee break or for lunch at one of the floating restaurants.
  • Banjski Potok, a mountain stream hidden in the forest that creates beautiful whirlpools and waterfalls.
  • Floating cottages in West Morava - if you want accommodation in a different environment.



If you have come from a distant country on a tourist visit to Serbia, do not limit your visit to the capital Belgrade. You will get to know the real beauty of Serbia, especially the natural beauty, only if you are ready for a slightly longer drive with a rented car or with a private driver you can hire in Belgrade.

Western Serbia is definitely worth your visit, whether it's a day trip or a multi-day tour. The places we mentioned in this post can be visited individually on a day trip from Belgrade.

Of course, places like Tara, Divčibare, and especially Zlatibor are also suitable for a multi-day vacation with the family. But it is best to visit all these places on a multi-day tour and have an active vacation where you will get to know all the beauties of Western Serbia.

How to get to these places in West Serbia? - the easiest way to get to any of these locations

If you wish for a comfortable trip with a chauffeur-driven car, all you need to do is contact us and tell us which place you are interested in. We will offer a price for transportation which includes stopping at the sites you choose, waiting, and driving back to Belgrade.


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