Perucac and Drina cruising with a visit to Visegrad

August 27, 2022

An impressive boat ride you shouldn't miss

If you are visiting for a few days Zlatibor Mountain Resort, Tara National Park, Mokra Gora, Bajina Basta, Perucac, or other places in West Serbia, cruising on Lake of Perucac and Drina River with a visit to Visegrad is an activity that you shouldn't miss.

The boat ride starts early morning from the Hydropower plant in Bajina Basta. It's an impressive cruising on Perucac Lake and Drina River between Tara National Park in Serbia from the eastern side and Drina National Park in Bosnia from the western side. Enjoy the scenic sightseeing of clear water, canyon cliffs, and mountain peaks surrounding you.

After about a 3-hour cruise in one way, you'll reach the historical little town of Višegrad in Republika Srpska (Serbian Republic) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main attractions of this charming town are Mehmed Pasa Sokovic's Bridge, built in the 16th century, and Kamengrad (Stone Town), made in honor of Ivo Andric, a Serbian Nobel prize winner from Visegrad.

2-hour for sightseeing of Kamengrad and Visegrad and lunch is enough time before the return. The boat tour finish is around 6-7 pm in Bajina Basta. Because this boat tour is too long, we don't recommend it as a day-trip from Belgrade. Instead, you should add it to your plan for multy-day tour in western Serbia.

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